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2011 Selection by Bay Area Physicians ( as Top Physicians in Pain Management Specialty

Most severe and chronic pain disorders are capable of improvement even if an absolute cure is not available. At Pain Care of Silicon Valley we believe in providing effective and safe treatments which possess explicit scientific evidence and many years of clinical application. We specialize in eliminating and decreasing chronic back and spine pain so that our patients can regain normal activity levels.

Our approach is based on assisting the body's natural healing and removing impediments to this process. We recognize that physical, chemical, emotional, and mental processes all play an equally important role for the pain management of each patient. As the cause of chronic pain is not always evident, our physicians utilize multiple and varied diagnostic tests to accurately pinpoint the source of your pain.

Official Pain Management practice for the San Jose Saber Cats

Understanding and treating chronic pain is our primary focus. Chronic pain syndromes usually take years to develop and damage many aspects of a person's life besides their bodies. Pain Care of Silicon Valley evaluates all significant aspects of a patient’s chronic pain condition and constructs an effective, safe and appropriate pain management program for their independent needs.

Our goal is to educate you about your pain diagnosis and the treatments available to provide you with the results and recognizable relief needed to improve your life. Our physicians our committed to achieving this result with every patient.

Introducing: Adjunctive Integrative Therapy and Wellness Services

Julie T. Chen, MD has joined the staff at Pain Care of Silicon Valley to provide alternative therapies to help patients optimize health, treat the underlying conditions that cause disease and provide alternative therapies for pain management.

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